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The East Central Regional Development Commission (ECRDC) has a vacancy on the Commission Board for a Public Interest Representative from Pine County.  According to State Law, and the ECRDC Bylaws, a person representing the general public interest of the county must be appointed.  The position is for a two-year term.  Any person who is a resident of Pine County and would be willing to serve on the Commission’s governing body is encouraged to contact the ECRDC office, (320) 679-4065 ext. 25, for an application or www.ecrdc.org.  Application deadline is February 9, 2018. Pine County Public Interest Application

History of the East Central Regional Development Commission

The East Central Regional Development Commission was organized by petition of local units of government in 1973.  Formation of regional development commissions – RDCs – is authorized under the Regional Development Act of 1969.  An updated Regional Development Act was passed in 1997 by the Minnesota Legislature.  There are 13 development regions in Minnesota.

Mission of the East Central Regional Development Commission

The East Central Regional Development Commission’s mission is to provide leadership and direction through problem solving.  We do this by imitating projects and programs that lead to create solutions to regional problems, by providing technical assistance and by identifying and developing available resources.  Our mission is to provide a leadership role as an advocate for East Central Minnesota to bring about positive change.


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Please email the ECRDC for past ECRDC minutes.  ecrdc@ecrdc.org

Contact Us:     100 Park St. S.     Mora, MN 55051     Phone: (320) 679-4065     Fax: (320) 679-4120     Email: ecrdc@ecrdc.org